Openstack celebrates three years of open cloud

These days Openstack is celebrating its third anniversary in the market, the open source cloud software initiative was launched on July 19 2010 by hosting company Rackspace and NASA at the Oscon conference, the O’Reilly open source convention in Portland.
Over the past three years, the OpenStack community grew rapidly, according to the statistics they are revealing it now includes about 231 companies, more than 10.000 members, more than 1.000 contributors and more than 200 average monthly contributors, including 121 countries and 70.000 code contributions so far.

We have seen many big names joining the OpenStack community during these three years, from Nimbula to VMware, lately HP announced to reinforce its commitment to the project with HP Converged Cloud offerings, and Mirantis, one of the largest independent integrators using Openstack technologies, opened its private library of configuration and deployment tools, called FUEL for OpenStack, to the public.

The OpenStack community is celebrating its anniversary, tomorrow July 24, where it was born to the market, at the Oscon conference in Portland. The celebrations also consist in highlighting one OpenStack technical contributor in a blog post on as and on Twitter. Last but not least, the community is throwing over 35 birthday parties all over the world, this might mean that the OpenStack is not only a virtual community, it is also a real community where people share and meet and organizes to innovate further more the open source cloud software world.