Puppet Labs acquires Cloudsmith

This week Puppet Labs announced officially the acquisition of Cloudsmith (which practically occurred last month) developer of two clever tools for Puppet:

  • Stack Hammer: a tool that use the concept of “infrastructure as code” ad applies it to stacks of software modules. Stack Hammer stores custom modules in a Git repository where they can be tested, modified and finally deployed on servers over AWS.
  • Geppetto: an IDE that allows developers to modify Puppet modules and run them through Puppet Enterprise.

The aim of this acquisition is to give a tool to IT operations and developers that gives the opportunity to work together for simplified, fast and clean software releases over cloud based infrastructures.

The easiest way to explain how much sense this makes is to look back at the last two years and see how we got here. Our founding ideas were pretty similar to Puppet Labs’ ideas — basically, “why not treat everything like it’s code?” Anyone, anywhere, with the description of your system and access to the resources should be able to click a button (or type a command) and get the same result you get, every time they try.

writes Mitch Sonies in the official blog post.