IBM joins Pivotal for Cloud Foundry

Amazon Web Services is grown up for too long as a standard for startup devs and architect, now customers ask for adequate beefed up competitors to grant the proper market balancing.

Google and Microsoft has already made their move and now IBM announces its support on Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry, an interoperable PaaS framework that allows developers to choose freely across cloud infrastructures, programming models and cloud applications.

The Pivotal Initiative, born from EMC and VMware in december 2012 and led by Paul Maritz, former VMware CEO, is pushing Cloud Foundry, as an “operating system” for the cloud (as Maritz itself said) with the ability to work with other companies’ cloud offerings, including AWS, as a key point to answer the software developers needs.

Cloud Foundry’s potential to transform business is vast, and steps like the one taken today help open the ecosystem up for greater client innovation. IBM will incorporate Cloud Foundry into its open cloud architecture, and put its full support behind Cloud Foundry as an open and collaborative platform for cloud application development, as it has done historically for key technologies such as Linux and OpenStack.

said Daniel Sabbah, general manager of Next Generation Platforms, IBM.