RightScale announces Docker Container Management

RightScale is a Santa Barbara, CA based company, provider of a Software as a Service (SaaS) management solution that so far only supported standard Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud infrastructures such Amazon EC2, Microsoft AWS, Google Compute Engine and various distributions of OpenStack, public and on-premises.

Today the company announced the support for Docker based containers through the installation of its RightLink agent on Docker hosts.

RightScale native capabilities easily allow to provision and scale Docker hosts, as well as container management tools such Kubernetes, Docker Swarm or Rancher, simply providing appropriate templates for these kind of services.

On the containers themselves, according to the press release, the platform is already capable of:

  • Container discovery: RightLink continually discovers which containers are running on which hosts across all of your resource pools and updates the information in your RightScale console.
  • Automatic container tagging: Container hosts are automatically tagged with the container image, name, and ID (SHA) for easy tracking.
  • Search and filter on containers: Quickly find containers by any combination of images and tags. Identify containers that are running a particular service so that you can run a script or perform an application-specific operation.
  • Automatic container monitoring: View monitoring metrics for each container as well as for each Docker host. Identify bottlenecks when a containerized service or application is slow or identify excess capacity in a host.
  • Container alerts: Configure alerts and escalations based on container metrics.
  • Self-healing: Automatically kick off actions or scripts if predefined thresholds are exceeded by individual containers or a Docker host.