Release: OpenStack Mitaka

Today OpenStack Foundation has released the 13th version of its IaaS platform for public, private and hybrid clouds. This new releases has been contributed by 2,336 developers, operators and users in its community representing 293 organizations.

Like the previous two releases, Mitaka tries to convince its potential audience about its maturity as an open source project, highly questioned by a number of analysts and stakeholders in the market.

To do so Mitaka doesn’t bet on the release of many major features, instead focuses on a series of topics fiercely discussed by the early adopters like: ease its deployment and subsequent management, better UIs for cloud operators and users, introduce pre-baked configurations for the core components of the platforms, and many others.

Riding the bimodal trend open by Gartner the foundation’s press release says:

OpenStack adoption has continued its acceleration in the past year with more diverse and larger deployments, particularly as organizations have recognized the flexibility and agility that OpenStack offers. OpenStack is unique in its ability to support organizations addressing a commonly faced “bimodal” challenge—managing traditional, legacy IT workloads while simultaneously adopting modern, agile IT systems to drive business differentiation and competitive advantage through rapid iteration of software development, adding new value for customers faster.