Fujitsu joins OpenStack Foundation as Gold Member

Japanese multinational IT and services company Fujitsu, headquartered in Tokyo, has been approved by the Board of Directors of the OpenStack Foundation as Gold Member. Fujitsu has been a Corporate Sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation since 2013. The company has been a considerable participant to the last three OpenStack releases, furthermore it has also sponsored various OpenStack Community events in Japan.

Fujitsu has disclosed last February to have plans to move all internal systems to its Openstack-powered cloud which consists of about 640 large-scale systems across around 13,000 servers, the transition is going to take about five years with an estimated reduction of the TCO of US$282 million.

The move of approving Fujistu as a Gold Member could be a strategic one for OpenStack, as the next OpenStack Summit is going to take place in Tokyo next October and Fujitsu is Japan’s largest IT services provider with 159,000 employees all over the world and a revenue of US$40 billion.

Kenji Kaneshige, director of development department, Linux Development Division at Fujitsu, declared:

Fujitsu has been an active and engaged member of the OpenStack community for several years, the Board’s vote of confidence in our elevated level of commitment to the project is exciting for our entire team, and we look forward to new ways we can help OpenStack users with our experiences running the software at scale in public and private clouds as a unified cloud system.

Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation, said:

Fujitsu’s team has been active and engaged with not only the regional, APAC OpenStack community, but they’ve been leaders on a global scale within the project, it’s entirely fitting that we welcome them to Gold Membership in the Foundation as we prepare for the Tokyo Summit this fall.