Google joined OpenStack Foundation as Corporate Sponsor

Everyone wants to participate to the OpenStack Foundation, this time is Google which revealed to have signed as Corporate Sponsor. Google is going to focus on integrating containers management technologies (aka Kubernetes) providing engineering resources to the OpenStack project.

Google is not new to the community having collaborated lately to help integrating Kubernetes (the aforementioned Google’s open source container cluster manager) into OpenStack Magnum. The OpenStack community also developed an integration between Kubernetes and the OpenStack App Catalog Murano.

Mark Collier, COO of the OpenStack Foundation, declared:

OpenStack is a platform that frees users to run proven technologies like VMs as well as new technologies like containers, with Google committing unequaled container and container management engineering expertise to our community, the deployment of containers via proven orchestration engines like Kubernetes will accelerate rapidly. OpenStack continues to set itself apart as the single open source cloud platform for the widest diversity of workloads, all supported by one environment with one control plane, one API, one dashboard.