IBM opens other Global Cloud Centers to Support Hybrid Cloud Growth

Recently IBM revealed the opening of new SoftLayer datacenters in Sydney and Montreal in the next 30 days. As soon as they are fully operating, IBM is going to have a total of five SoftLayer cloud centers opened in about four months only, together with the ones in Frankfurt, Germany; Querétaro, Mexico; and Tokyo, Japan.

The new facilities are going to allow customers in Australia and Canada to use a local center avoiding data sovereignty issues. The opening of Big Blue’s data centers is part of the announcement gave on 2014 about a $1.2 billion investment in cloud services. IBM planned to have cloud facilities in major geographies and key financial centers expanding from 15 to 40 data centers worldwide. IBM near future commitment is to open at least two more cloud centers this year which are going to be located in Milan, Italy and Chennai, India.

Jim Comfort, General Manager, IBM Cloud Services, declares about the facilities’ opening:

We are responding to broad, global, enterprise demand for SoftLayer services, with each new location, we’re not only adding more computing capacity; we’re also helping customers solve data residency issues, address security and audit controls, run and scale big data applications on bare metal servers, and more. We’re enabling enterprises to move to the cloud at the speed and in a way that makes the most sense for them.