Citrix releases Tech Preview of XenDesktop 7.5 Service Template for Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager

Citrix has released a Tech Preview of a Service Template for System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM). The Service Template provides a standardized group of hardware and software settings that can be used repeatedly to create new virtual machines configured with those settings. The XenDesktop 7.5 Service Template enables rapid deployment of virtual app and desktop infrastructure on Microsoft System Center 2012 private clouds.

The Service Template uses the SCVMM service model deployment process to provision machines, install XenDesktop server roles, and perform the initial configuration of a new XenDesktop site.


Service Templates are provided for both XenDesktop 7.5 and Provisioning Services 7.1. Both templates are provided in an Eval and Enterprise version. The eval version will create a minimal proof of concept deployment while the enterprise template creates a distributed and scalable deployment for the Provisioning Server and Controller, StoreFront, License Server and Director server.

Thanks to Alexander Ervik Johnsen for providing the news.