Alessandro Perilli joins Red Hat as General Manager, Open Hybrid Cloud Program

Today Red Hat announced that Alessandro Perilli joined its team as General Manager, Open Hybrid Cloud Program, focused on OpenStack, OpenShift and CloudForms.

Founder and former Chief Editor of and, Alessandro joined Gartner in 2011 as Research Director for Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP) research division where he led the private cloud computing research.

This news, that has anticipated yesterday, could hide some interesting implications if we consider that Alessandro historically serves large enterprises in the Fortune 2000 group and the, controversial but still extremely popular, post that he wrote on Gartner’s Blog in November 2013 that enumerates the reasons why, according to the analyst, OpenStack won’t sell to enterprises.

It’s clear that Red Hat is investing in this market and has understood the need of a strong and competent leader to bring technologies like OpenStack and its cloud management platform Cloudforms to the attention of enterprise customers, we’ll see if Alessandro will be the right answer and how the other members of the foundation will react to his approaches.