Datadog raises $15M in funding

Privately held, venture funded company based in New York Datadog, announced to have raised $15 million in a Series B round led by OpenView Venture Partners with investments from Index Ventures, RTP Ventures, Amplify Partners, IA Ventures and Contour Ventures.

Datadog is provider of monitoring services that grants to unify the infrastructure, gathering together metrics and events from servers, databases, appications on a Saas data analytics platform.

Datadog’s product enables a single view on premise and cloud, it combines metrics and events across the full Dev/Ops Stacks, it can be integrated among others tools and services, with Pivotal and Puppet. The company announced that it is aiming to use this funding to develop a new monitoring platform with highly scalable cloud infrastructure.

Datadog also announced that Dev Ittycheria, is going to join the company’s board of directors, he declared:

Increasingly organizations are shifting their computing workloads from static on-premise infrastructure to elastically scaling clouds, easily adding and changing compute capacity is a major benefit of the cloud, but also introduces a level of dynamism that overwhelms legacy monitoring systems. Datadog has created a monitoring platform that has been explicitly designed to monitor highly elastic compute environments on public or private clouds as well as to support traditional computing infrastructure.

Olivier Pomel, co-founder and CEO, Datadog, said:

We saw tremendous growth in 2013, and are thrilled by strong validation we are receiving from our customers and the market, as more enterprises migrate their infrastructure to public or private clouds, we will continue to make it manageable at scale for them, and allow them to effortlessly improve performance, and accelerate their release cycles. This funding will help us attract premier talent and allow us to rapidly expand Datadog’s business.