Cloud Cruiser adds Windows Azure cost analysis

Cloud Cruiser is a cost analysis tool targeted at enterprises and service providers. It provides features like showback, chargeback, reporting. It is able to compare different cloud platforms on costs and shows cost savings if workloads are shifted to a different platform. This feature is called the Hybrid IT cost advisor.

Cloud Cruiser is now able to provide insight in costs of using public Windows Azure in addition to the  current support of Windows Azure Pack running in private clouds.

Using  hybrid cloud infrastructures organizations have a choice where to deploy a workload. Either  in their private cloud or in a public cloud.  Cloud Cruiser can help making the decision. It can compare costs of resources like websites, virtual machines, storage, databases and networking. Supported platforms are besides Microsoft public and private clouds: HP, Cisco, Amazon Web Services and OpenStack.

See a video of hybrid cost advisor here.