Release: Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator Version 4

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, formerly known as Extility, enables service providers to build a multi-level reseller model and perfectly fits in the growing market of public cloud services.

With version 4 this highly mature platform introduces this new features:

  1. Direct support for the Chef configuration management tool from Opscode, including integration with Flexiant’s Blueprint technology, Bento Boxes, enabling powerful new use cases.
  2. General availability for Ceph, a distributed block store storage system designed to provide excellent performance, reliability and scalability, ensuring Flexiant now supports all common storage modals.
  3. Improved Billing System enabling both subscription and metered billing for services providers and their resellers
  4. Enhanced ability to on-board customers based on their geography, language and billing requirements
  5. New payment provider plug-in to integrate with multiple payment providers
  6. Multi-tiered billing systems to solve complex billing scenarios
  7. Context sensitive Help within the UI that can be branded and white labeled as required

Along with this release Flexiant announced its intention to include OpenStack support in Summer 2014.