AWS provides startup companies help with cloud onboarding

A major number of  Amazon Web Services customers are startups. Each starting company with services depending on delivery via the Internet is unsure about its future. They want to quickly scale up or down depending the demand for their new service. They do not want to invest in own infrastructure. Examples of AWS customers are Instagram, Spotify, Pinterest, Dropbox, Etsy, AirBnB and Shazam

Cloud means infrastructure is no longer a bottleneck to innovation.

Today AWS announced the AWS Activate program. The purpose of this program is to help startups with getting to know Amazon cloud services and jump start their application development on AWS. The program is free and offers benefits like free support, free training, free usage of resources and access to a Startup Forum for help from other startups.

Read the blogposting of Werner Vogel, CTO of Amazon, for more information.