Gartner Contextual Research about cloud orchestration

During first quarter of 2013 a team of Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP) analysts which included Alessandro Perilli (former Editor in Chief of &, interviewed 15 end user cloud service providers with private and public cloud automation experience for one of Gartner semestral projects, called Contextual Research, focused on cloud orchestration.

These providers offer an out of the box solution by their cloud management platforms (CMPs) through automation workflows crossing multiple IT silos, orchestrating the deployment and configuration of infrastructure resources, VMs, guest operating systems, middleware and, in some cases, full applications.

Perilli mentioned in his article about the Contextual research that all of the providers interviewed had some inconvenience in orchestrating a cloud enviroment. Beside that Perilli sees that organizations found out of the box capabilities complicated and valuable only at a certain level.

The complete results of Gartner research will be presented late July in San Diego.