HG Data raises $2 million in funding led by EPIC Ventures

Californian HG Data , announced on March 13, to have raised $2 million in funding led by EPIC Ventures. The investment apparently is going to be used to increase coverage of the company’s cloud-based business intelligence database and expand into the Asia-Pacific region.

HG Data procurement technology extracts business intelligence from Web documents and offline sources to create a database of business relationships.

In 2012, HG Data released the world’s leading database of technology deployments, which produces a census of the worksites operating thousands of specific enterprise resources, ranging from Adobe and Salesforce.com to SAP and VMware.

Craig Harris, CEO and founder of HG Data, said:

While LinkedIn maps the connections between people in business, HG Data maps the connections between businesses themselves – who sells to whom, who buys what, and who partners with whom, after more than two years of honing our algorithms with feedback from top-tier technology suppliers, we are ready to scale our data distribution to the long tail of business-to-business intelligence applications. With EPIC Ventures’ capital infusion in tow, that journey is ready to be accelerated.