Release: Citrix ShareFile with StorageZones

On October 17, at Citrix Synergy in Barcelona, it has been announced the release and availability of Citrix ShareFile with StorageZones.

Sharefile was acquired by Citrix one year ago, the solution for storing, syncing and sharing data securely. ShareFile with StorageZones would permit its customers the management of its data through a cloud-based service.

Among the innovations, a single point of access to user data residing across various data platforms and a new sync feature optimized for virtual desktop:

  • ShareFile with StorageZones would allow organizations to manage their data on-premises in customer-managed StorageZones or choose Citrix-managed StorageZones (secure cloud options available in seven locations around the world) or a mix of both. With customer-managed StorageZones, IT can place data in their organization’s own datacenter to help meet data and compliance requirements while optimizing performance by storing data in close proximity to the user
  • ShareFile StorageZones MPX Appliance To further simplify deployment of customer-managed StorageZones in a customer’s private datacenter, Citrix will deliver a new purpose-built StorageZones MPX appliance powered by Citrix NetScaler.
  • StorageZone Connectors Working in conjunction with customer-managed StorageZones, StorageZone Connectors let IT create a secure connection between the ShareFile service and user data stored in existing network shares. This  capability makes it easy for end users to securely access their work documents on mobile devices through ShareFile apps regardless of where the data is actually stored
  • On-demand Sync The new on-demand sync capability of ShareFile for Windows is designed for pooled and hosted shared virtual desktop environments. With on-demand sync, users will continue to view all their files and folders within their virtual desktop just like they do today. However, files download and sync only when the user views, edits, saves or shares, resulting in huge reductions in Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) and slashing storage requirements.
  • Windows 8 Compatibility Citrix announced availability of compatible versions of ShareFile Sync for Windows and Microsoft Outlook Plug-in
  • ShareFile for Microsoft Azure To provide more cloud storage options to customers, Citrix announced plans to deliver Citrix-managed StorageZones on Microsoft Azure in 2013.

Jesse Lipson, VP and GM, Data Sharing, Citrix, said:

We’ve already seen significant interest in StorageZones from customers, especially those in Europe, where enterprises often require that sensitive documents be stored on premises or in particular legal jurisdictions. ShareFile with StorageZones empowers IT with choice, providing the ability to mix and match and create the right data storage solution for their business. Today’s addition of StorageZone Connectors furthers our vision of allowing users to access all of their important enterprise data securely from any device.