Paper: HP DBC Reference Architecture technical overview

HP has released a paper titled: "HP DBC Reference Architecture technical overview". The paper containing 55 pages details a reference architecture for database consolidation (DBC) provisioning, and running hundreds to thousands of I/O demanding workloads on a Microsoft private cloud. The DBC RA is based on a pre-tested, validated architecture design, thus eliminating the time-consuming tasks associated with designing, testing, and certifying the solution on-site. This can significantly lower the time to order the solution to when it is in place and ready to use by the business.

The Reference Architecture (RA) built on the HP Converged Infrastructure provides a foundation for building a high-performance Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization platform which has been optimized to consolidate and provision hundreds to thousands database workloads which are extremely high available from the underlying network and storage fabrics up to the VM layer.


The paper contains the following topics:

  • Executive summary, business drivers
  • Introduction
  • Solution architecture
    • Hardware components
    • Software components
    • Guest workload support
    • Built-in high availability
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Performance and scalability
    • Power Consumption under load
  • Ordering and purchasing the DBC Reference Architecture
  • Deploying the DBC Reference Architecture
  • DBC Reference Architecture bill of materials

The following Microsoft System Center products are used:

  • App Controller
  • Operations Manager
  • Orchestrator
  • Service Manager
  • Virtual Machine Manager

The Reference architecture could optionally be extended with the following products.

  • Data Protection Manager
  • Endpoint Protection using Configuration Manager