VMware is about to join Openstack Foundation as Gold Member

As reported in yesterday’s agenda of the OpenStack Board of Directors Meeting, VMware, alongside with Intel and NEC, applied to join OpenStack Foundation as a Gold Member.

Yesterday the directors discussed whether accepting or not¬†these new members, still an official announcement hasn’t been done yet.

This move could represent one of the central pieces of the puzzle that began to take shape with the acquisition of Nicira, a company specialized in software-defined networking already involved in the OpenStack Project.

In fact, VMware seems to be more interested in working with OpenStack-based infrastructures than to be perceived as the main antagonist.

The entry of VMware would represent a great leap forward for OpenStack Foundation from the point of view of image and, of course, economic.

Gold Members will fund an amount equal to total company revenue times .025%, with a minimum of $50k and a maximum of $200k.

Annual Membership Fee calculated as defined in Section 3 of the Gold Member Agreement: $66,666.67