Citrix to start providing support for integration with Amazon EC2

Citrix has announced that it will start providing engineering support for optimization of Citrix products and Windows applications that run on Amazons Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) platform. Citrix will also start providing support for on-premise deployments in such a way that workloads can seamlessly be migrated between on-premise datacenters and EC2. They will also work with Amazon to optimize Windows instances hosting Windows applications based on their experience with XenServer.

Citrix networking products such as OpenCloud Access (detailed in December last year), OpenCloud Bridge, Branch Repeater and NetScaler will be validated to work with Amazon virtual appliances, and also provide a set of value added solutions that span enterprise and cloud, including Lab Management, Disaster Recovery, Compliance and more. Citrix will also provide end-to-end management of private and hosted workloads using XenCenter offering a single pane of glass to administrators.