Amazon introduces new features for CloudWatch

Amazon has announced some new features for its CloudWatch monitoring tool. CloudWatch is a web service providing real-time monitoring to Amazons Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) platform which provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

The new features announced and detailed at the hyperlink are:

  • Basic Monitoring of Amazon EC2 instances at 5-minute intervals at no additional charge. When customers want to monitor at 1-minute interval they pay $0.015 per hour/per instance.
  • Elastic Load Balancer Health Checks -Auto Scaling can now be instructed to automatically replace instances that have been deemed unhealthy by an Elastic Load Balancer.
  • Alarms – You can now monitor Amazon CloudWatch metrics, with notification to the Amazon SNS topic of your choice when the metric falls outside of a defined range.
  • Auto Scaling Suspend/Resume – You can now push a "big red button" in order to prevent scaling activities from being initiated.
  • Auto Scaling Follow the Line -You can now use scheduled actions to perform scaling operations at particular points in time, creating a time-based scaling plan.
  • Auto Scaling Policies – You now have more fine-grained control over the modifications to the size of your AutoScaling groups.
  • VPC and HPC Support – You can now use AutoScaling with Amazon EC2 instances that are running within your Virtual Private Cloud or as Cluster Compute instances.