K7 Computing launches Cyclozzo, an on-premises clone of Google App Engine

Last week cloudcomputing.info covered AppScale, an open source clone of the Google Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud computing platform called App Engine (GAE).
The AppScale platform is able to run both Python and Java GAE applications, but apparently it’s not the only one.

At least another company in fact is offering what seems the same thing: K7 Computing, an Indian software reseller founded in 1991.

In February 2009 the company recently acquired BinaryKarma, an Indian startup focused on virtualization that launched its first product in May 2008.

Converted in the cloud computing division of K7 Computing, BinaryKarma (now K7 Cloud Solutions) launched a new product in mid-July: Cyclozzo, another on-premises clone of Google App Engine.

Exactly like AppScale, Cyclozzo supports Python and Java GAE applications and it’s supported by a highly available architecture that support multi-tenancy, and it’s compatible with the GAE SDK. Anyway there are a few key differences.

First of all Cyclozzo is not leveraging Xen, KVM or any other hardware virtualization platform, like AppScale. It runs on bare-metal, physical servers. 
Additionally, Cyclozzo includes a billing solution, something that AppScale doesn’t seem able to provide at today.
Last but not least, Cyclozzo comes with a web management console. It’s not clear if AppScale is providing something similar or just offering an interface through the SDK.

Cyclozzo is currently available in beta (version 0.9 as we write).