Pivotal acquires Slice of Lime

The Pivotal Initiative is the organization, born in December 2012 from the merge of EMC and VMware cloud application and big data offerings and offering primarily Pivotal CF (Cloud Foundry), its commercially supported hybrid Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) based on Cloud Foundry, which it first launched in November 2013.

This week the company announced that Slice of Lime, a UX design firm based in Colorado, will join Pivotal within its development and consultancy division.

Slice of Lime focuses on simple, developers-friendly, co-designed UIs and although the details of this agreement haven’t been disclosed yet, this move confirms the growing trend to invest into ease of use to increase users adoption and productivity shared among many IT companies.

There is incredible momentum right now in the automotive, medical, and financial sectors as they realize that the same Silicon Valley smarts that have paved the way for software giants like Google, Facebook and Yahoo! now applies to all businesses. They are swiftly learning that a digital transformation of their business is not only an essential minimum for their customers, but—done right—is also a tenacious competitive advantage that could leapfrog them to the forefront of their industries. Pivotal has been hard at work for nearly 3 years helping companies realize that those Silicon Valley smarts are not confined to Silicon Valley. Pivotal has been bringing that Silicon Valley state of mind to industries of all types, in all geographies. From the putting in the underlying plumbing of running software to the experience at the user’s fingertips, Pivotal is teaching companies in all industries how to be the next great software company.  As I said earlier, we are a culture that’s always curious and thrives on experimenting and learning. I couldn’t name a more exciting place where this is happening today. With our UX Design process mirroring Pivotal’s process in many ways, it’s only natural to come on board and be a part of this pivotal movement. We can’t wait to dive into and innovate in these spaces.