Cisco announces acquisition of Piston Cloud Computing

Cisco announced to be intentioned to acquire Piston Cloud Computing, a start-up founded by former NASA and Rackspace leaders, gold member of the OpenStack Foundation since 2012.

Both Cisco and Piston gave the news on June 3, Cisco announced the deal in a  blog post by Hilton Romanski, Senior Vice President head of Business Development, which explains the background of this acquisition in a plan to build Intercloud, a project to connect globally networks of secure clouds.

According to the post Piston will bring new expertise to the project from product, delivery and operational standpoints.
Cisco also mentioned that Piston’s acquisition is following the recent one of Metacloud, where Piston’s distributed systems engineering and OpenStack are going to counterpart Cisco Intercloud and partner for cloud automation, availability and scale.

On the other hand, Piston made its announcement with a declaration of Co-founder & CTO Christopher MacGown and CEO Jim Morrisroe and thanked their customers and partners reassuring them that Piston’s mission is going to continue and expanding and they will keep on give support to their customers.

Senior Vice President, Cloud Infrastructure and Managed Services Organization: Faiyaz Shahpurwala will take the leadership of Piston once joined Cisco.