Microsoft and Persistent Systems release solution for Azure IaaS data center migration

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Microsoft, together with partner Persistent Systems has developed and released a tool which helps customers to move complete Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) deployments from one Microsoft datacenter to another. As Microsoft introduces new data centers, customers may want to move to the nearest data center for better performance. The solution called Azure Data Center Migration Solution is delivered as open source licensed under the Apache License and available for download on GitHub.

The solution can help in various scenarios such as, moving IaaS deployments to a data center that is closer to you or your customers, creating multiple data center deployments, providing a backup solution to work around IaaS maintenance plans and transitioning between subscriptions.

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The solution supports:

  • Same data center, different subscriptions
  • Different data centers, same subscription
  • Different data centers, different subscriptions
  • Same data center, same subscription (useful for test or rename scenarios)