IBM announces “Bluemix Dedicated” Platform

Today, November 20, IBM announced an interesting update to its PaaS (Platform as a Service) Bluemix. The new “Dedicated” offering allows developers to create applications and deploy them in a single tenant, dedicated cloud environment hosted in an IBM cloud center.

IBM is also expanding its offering with a private API catalog on its public instance of Bluemix that is going to help developers to more easily access their on-premise data.

Among the announcement that IBM made, there is also the enlargement of its Bluemix Garage network to Canary Wharf Group’s Level39, which is Europe’s largest tech accelerator based in London, the network provides a central location for financial, retail and future cities tech companies.

Bigblue’s PaaS offering Bluemix started in February as beta and fully available since July, it is already among the distinguished Cloud Foundry deployments, the solution is built from open standards, runs on SoftLayer infrastructure and supports Java, Node.js and Ruby with possibilities to extend to other languages such as PHP, Python and Scala. It also allows providers to develop and distribute cloud oriented applications using a combination of IBM’s middleware software with other open services and tools from their partners ecosystem.

One of the advantages offered to the developers is the possibility to pull in services from IBM’s public Bluemix catalogue, such as Watson APIs for cognitive computing, social data analytics and Aspera’s rapid data integration tools. Bluemix Dedicated is going to benefit its users who are concerned about data sovereignty, performance and compliance by giving them more management over the physical location of their data and production environments.

Bluemix Dedicated provides access to a cloud-based platform in a single tenant environment, hosted in an IBM cloud centre, among its initial services available includes:

–     Cloudant’s scalable Database-as-a-Service

–     Data caching to improve the speed and responsiveness of web apps

–     Runtimes to give developers the flexibility to run their apps in the coding language of their choice

Steve Robinson, General Manager, IBM Cloud Platform Services, declared:

The cloud is opening up new possibilities for app development by making it easier for developers to scale and integrate their data in ways which were never before possible  with Bluemix Dedicated now available in our global cloud center network, IBM is adding another onramp to the cloud for developers to move quickly and innovate but do so in a model that maintains the necessary levels of security and control