Brian Stevens former Red Hat CTO joins Google as VP of Cloud Platforms

Two weeks ago we were wondering about Brian Stevens, who resigned as Red Hat’s CTO, asking ourselves if this could be seen as a “tremendous opportunity” for both.

Red Hat has not yet released any official news about its CTO office, on the other side, according to his LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, Stevens has joined Google as VP of Cloud Platforms.

Google’s move, still not officially announced, supposedly aims to make Compute Engine more appealing to enterprise customers and, killing two birds with one stone, gaining more trust from the open source community with whom it always had a controversial relationship.
Stevens seems a good fit for both purposes with Google leveraging a “thought leadership” model that many vendors are embracing these days, although we shouldn’t forget that his proved expertise is more related to the enterprise linux world than on cloud technologies.

Waiting for Red Hat’s move I can only wish all the best to Brian Stevens for his new, tough, challenge.