VMworld 2014 Wrap-Up: VMware vCloud Air Announcements

Just before the beginning of VMworld 2014 VMware announced the rebranding of its owned and operated public Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) service vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) into the more friendly and Apple-like VMware vCloud Air.

This announcement prepared the ground for a couple of new services and features unveiled on-stage last week and summarized as follows:

  • vCloud Air Mobile Development Services: VMware introduces a set of pre-validated solutions, specifically focused on the mobile landscape, accessibile from vCloud Air:
    • Enterprise Mobility Management: Basically an AirWatch offering born from the recent acquisition of this company from VMware
    • Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS): An integration layer, based on the services offered from Kinvey, built.io and StrongLoop
    • Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP): A set of mobile application development tools based on the platforms offered by Sencha
    • Pivotal CF Mobile Services: The newly announced Pivotal CF capabilities aimed towards mobile developers and now offered on vCloud Air
    • Rapid Application Delivery: A vCloud Air offering of the deployment and management services from OutSystems
  • vCloud Air Private Cloud OnDemand: VMware introduces an AWS-like on demand access to its services with a per-minute metering. A Beta Program is already live and the service will be GA in Q1 2015
  • vCloud Air Object Storage: Based on EMC’s ViPR technology is an object storage service (easy enough to guess ..) that offers S3API, including lifecycle management and versioning. Intended for unstructured data is accessible via HTTP/HTTPS and supports objects up to 20TB in size. Will be available in beta in Q3 2014
  • vCloud Air Database as a Service: Starting with the support for Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL will also allow disaster recovering of on-premises DBs
  • VMware vCloud Connector: Now allows to extend a layer 2 network in vSphere to vCloud Air