IBM Acquires CrossIdeas and Lighthouse Security Group

In less than two weeks IBM announces two important acquisitions, first it has acquired CrossIdea on July 31 an Identity and access management (IAM) provider, and today it has announced to have signed a definitive agreement to acquire the business operations of Lighthouse Security Group, a cloud security services provider.

According to these two recent acquisitions, Big Blue’s plans are apparently directed to create an Enterprise Identity and Access Management from the Cloud, with the integration of Lighthouse Security Group and CrossIdeas technologies. The results of the solution is going to be a complete suite of security software and services that are going to safeguard and administrate users’ identity.

Based in Rome, Italy and founded 2011 CrossIdeas is a provider of security software and access governance solutions. Lighthouse Security Group, founded in 2007 and headquartered in Lincoln, Rhode Island, offers a cloud-based platform for identity and data protection.

The purpose of these acquisitions, together with past IBM’s acquisitions dedicated to improve the area of security, is to give a boost to the area dedicated to deliver software and services to protect operations. The mix between IBM’s constantly changing business and acquired technologies is going to benefit Big Blue’s customers to fight against security hazards and dominate risks of duty violations, especially in a time where the majority of people is using social network accounts and potentially insecure applications.

Brendan Hannigan, General Manager, IBM Security Systems, commenting the acquisition of CrossIdeas, declared:

The addition of CrossIdeas extends IBM’s market share leading portfolio of identity and access management capabilities, IBM can now provide enterprises with enhanced governance capabilities and transparency into risk from the factory floor to the board room, giving leaders the insight they need to protect their brand and customers.

Kris Lovejoy, General Manager, IBM Security Services, said about the acquisition of Lighthouse Security Group:

Business models are rapidly evolving as employees conduct more of their work offsite. Protecting this data and who has access to it has become a challenge, costing our clients time and money, with this acquisition, IBM provides a unique identity and access management offering that combines proven software and analytics technology with expert managed services that make it easy for businesses to tackle the complexities of security in this new digital world.