Release: Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator Version 4.2

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, formerly known as Extility, is a cloud management platform that can claim one of the highest levels of maturity in the market.

The product enables service providers to build a multi-level reseller model and perfectly fits in the growing market of public cloud services.

With version 4.2 Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator expands its SDN capabilities to the VMware platform, adds VMware vSphere 5.5 and Mixpanel official support and tightens its integration with Parallels technologies (Automation and Cloud Server).

The press release highlights the following features:

  • Easier and more secure integration with Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator – With the enhanced REST API, API keys and token based authentication support, Flexiant makes it far more easy and secure to integrate with the platform. End users can securely gain access to the platform without handing over private information.
  • Mixpanel integration –In-depth event-based analytics tool, giving service providers business intelligence on their Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator platform activities.