Xangati raises $11M in funding

Cupertino based Xangati, provider of a software that tracks performance storms for virtualization and cloud environments announced to have raised $11M in funding led by HighBar Partners with participation from Citrix. Xangati, which is derived from the Sanskrit word “Sangati” and means community or gathering together with the highest intention of learning, is a company founded in 2006 with the aim to deliver live performance management which detect and correct performance problematic bottlenecks.

What would differenciate Xangati from the other performance management solutions is that Xangati collects and compare more than a million metrics and interactions per second and should understands the causality of the behavior and interactions between objects across silos. Among the advantages it also gives unparalleled second-by-second insights together with automated alerts, allowing cloud and VDI administrators a DVR-like recording instead of a static snapshot from which to proactively manage the performance of their infrastructure. The funding will be used to bring VDI, workload and cloud performance management to a wider market.

Jagan Jagannathan, Founder, CTO & acting CEO of Xangati, said:

Virtualized workloads offer a complex and intertwined infrastructure that requires a new paradigm of performance management. We have carefully designed the Xangati solution to not only highlight where the performance bottlenecks are in the infrastructure, but also show why they are taking place and how to remediate them, we are pleased to have raised $11 million from HighBar Partners with participation from Citrix. We plan to use the funding to further accelerate our innovation and market adoption.