Release: MadeiraCloud IDE

After the $1.5M Series A round funding MadeiraCloud raised from Sequoia Capital back in May 2013, the Beijing and San Francisco based cloud startup decided to use part of the funding to release the final version of MadeiraCloud IDE for AWS, a product that allows the graphical visualization of the architecture and resources used by a given application.

MadeiraCloud IDE, which was released in public beta last year, is a solution that gives the opportunity to system architects to develop their infrastructure graphically with a sensitive cost reduction in terms of designing, provisioning, configuring and connecting distributed Cloud resources.

MadeiraCloud has added some new features to its product as well, it now supports Auto Scaling Groups with CloudWatch and SNS, it also permits to create some groups of Instance, a dashboard for better AWS resources overview and preconfigured stacks. Despite the fact that the majority of CMPs have now added a similar tool to create the design of their infrastructure MadeiraCloud once again confirmed its unmatched support for AWS.