VMware teams with HP on automation and visibility into physical and virtual networks, but where’s Cisco ?

VMware last week announced that it has teamed with HP in order to provide a federated network solution spanning both physical and virtual networks. HP will launch a new network solution called Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller and will federate this with NSX which VMware announced during VMworld in August this year.

The networking solution will provide a centralized view, unified automation, visibility and control of the complete data center network, improving agility, monitoring and troubleshooting.

It’s obvious that these kind of integrated solutions are important for VMware to have their NSX solution adopted into already existing environments, therefore VMware really wants to cooperate with network hardware vendors in order to have NSX integrated into the already existing network management solutions. It’s interesting to note that Cisco still isn’t listed as a Partner on the website of VMware, also here for VMware and NSX to really succeed it’s important to have a big network vendor like Cisco on board.