Paper: Implementing Hybrid Cloud at Microsoft

Microsoft has released a paper titled:"Implementing Hybrid Cloud at Microsoft". The paper which contains 6 pages details the steps Microsoft IT has taken by emerging and upgrading technologies, realigning organizational goals and redefinition based on lessons learned during the way towards an organization wide goal "All of Microsoft runs in the cloud"

The paper covers the following topics:

  • Situation
  • Solution
    • Planning
    • Evaluating available technology
      • Realizing Hybrid Cloud
      • Determining Applicable Delivery Methods
    • Assessing the Current State of IT At Microsoft
      • Infrastructure Readiness
      • Challenges to Public Cloud Adoption
    • Calculating Financial Challenges and Opprtunities
      • Determining organizational readiness
    • Implementing a Hybrid Cloud Strategy
      • Implementing Cloud Computing Management
      • Determining Application Placement and Accelerating Adoption
    • Benefits
    • Best Practices



It is an exciting time to be in IT at Microsoft. The consumerization of IT is enabling agility and business benefits that were unimaginable even five years ago. As Microsoft IT continues to implement and mold its cloud computing strategy, they understand that many of the factors that will affect this strategy in the future are unknown. Furthermore, the technology surrounding cloud computing is constantly evolving and providing new ways to look at how IT is imagined. As such, Microsoft IT must remain flexible and adaptable as an IT organization, and leverage the growing capabilities of cloud computing at Microsoft.