Electric Cloud raises $8 million

Californian based software delivery acceleration solutions company Eletric Cloud, announced on September 3, to have raised $8 million with the intention to invest in the DevOps market.

Founded in 2002 by John Ousterhout, the creator of Tcl scripting language and British programmer John Graham-Cumming, Electric Cloud offering allows companies to optimize their software delivery process, including IT, ISV and embedded-software sectors.

Siemens’ Venture Capital led this investment, among the investors that participated are included US Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund, RRE Ventures and Rembrandt Venture Partners.

Steve Brodie, Chief Executive Officer, Electric Cloud, said:

We are living in a 24×7 business world, which needs increasingly shorter delivery cycles to maintain a competitive advantage, the latest investment from Siemens and our other investors will ensure Electric Cloud remains at the forefront of the next phase of the DevOps market growth and maturation — continuous delivery.