enters cloud management market

We all love small startups especially when they try to fill a market gap slipping around big vendors. is based in Dublin and is planning to move to the US in a short time, last week announced its first suite of tools, a mixture of homegrown products and acquisitions that aims to run and monitor cloud deployments no matter of the cloud infrastructure where they are.

Here is a brief description of the tools:

  • PointDNS: acquired from aTech Media, is designed to be a low cost and easy to use DNS provider for developers & sysadmins.
  • Statsmix: acquired from, provides metrics collection and dashboarding¬† allowing to track, chart and share custom metrics from apps or databases.
  • Stackful: is an automated deployment platform designed to provide one-click deployments for frameworks like Meteor and Node.js.
  • Cloudvertical: is a Cost&Usage Analytics tool for IaaS and PaaS Cloud users.