Release: OpenStack SwiftStack object storage system solution

San Francisco based SwiftStack announced on July 23, the release of its private cloud storage offering, an OpenStack powered object storage system solution. The company solution is going to provide a platform to manage private cloud storage systems that will allow integration and control for the data- intensive applications, permitting its customers to deploy private cloud storage and being able to manage its data as if they would do when accessing it on the public cloud.

The SwiftStack is a contributor of the OpenStack project, the open source cloud platform, and it provides code named Swift Object Storage system, which it was created to be instantly available, stored for an unlimited period of time and accessible from multiple devices. Swift is built for Linux and being based on open source code, it is adaptable to

various business demands.
SwiftStack storage system consists of two main components:
SwiftStack Nodes –An integrated stack packaged for turnkey deployment, the Node connects
to the Controller, where it obtains its configuration. Its features include management and
monitoring agents, load balancing and authentication/authorization, and new support for global
clusters to enhance data availability.
SwiftStack Controller –De-coupled from the storage hardware, the Controller automates
configuration, expansion, and failure handling of private cloud storage. It also provides
management and monitoring alongside other management tools customers use. To best fit the
needs of the application and business, customers can choose between a cloud-hosted
Controller or the latest on-premise Controller solution
Joe Arnold, CEO, SwiftStack, said:
The shift to cloud-based applications has created high expectations among users in terms of data
access. They expect data to be highly available to them on multiple devices, and data centers need to
cater to these demands, while there are public cloud products
available to address these challenges, we found a greater need in the private cloud market, which is why
we created SwiftStack as a reliable, highly-scalable storage system. Our approach helps enterprises
harness the storage power of a public cloud on commodity hardware in their data centers.