NetApp announces Tech Preview of project Shift, allowing switching between virtualization platforms without migrating data

NetApp, provider of storage solutions has released a Tech Preview of its Project Shift as announced by Vaughn Steward, Director and Cloud Computing Evangelist at NetApp. Shift allows customers to change the virtualization platform their VMs run on without migrating any data. It does so by using a Windows PowerShell commandlet part of the DataONTAP PowerShell Toolkit provided by NetApp.

Shift currently supports Physical to Virtual (P2V) and Virtual to Physical (V2P) but also Virtual to Virtual (V2V) migrations between Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESXi.

The introduction of these kind of technologies are very important now that multi-vendor virtualization platforms are being introduced within companies. Allowing customers with multi-vendor virtualization platforms to switch VMs between different platforms simplifies management.

Thanks to Mitchell Schwartz for providing the news.