Embotics Corporation joins OpenStack Community

On May 1, Canadian Embotics Corporation announced to have joined the OpenStack community.

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Embotics focuses on virtualization and private cloud management software and it has committed to integrate with OpenStack in future Embotics vCommander releases.Embotics Corporation’s product, vCommander, provides enterprises with a unified cloud management platform (CMP)which help companies to gain visibility and control of their virtualized environments. Embotics is executing a strategy of brokering IT services from any hypervisor, any cloud and remains committed to giving its enterprise customers the freedom of choice to avoid cloud platform lock-in.

Jay Litkey, CEO of Embotics said:

OpenStack has gained momentum in the industry, and the OpenStack community represents an intelligent collaboration of cloud computing experts, our participation in the community and commitment to integrate OpenStack services into upcoming vCommander releases delivers on our vow to support any hypervisor and any cloud, which is essential in a landscape where data centers are increasingly managing multiple hypervisors across disparate cloud platforms.