GE joins partnership with EMC and VMware for Pivotal Initiative

The Pivotal Initiative, a single virtual organization created by the partnership of EMC and VMware, now have a new entry in the join venture, General Electric, which announced to have invested $105 million in the company.

As announced in December 2012, Pivotal is a reality, based in San Francisco and its offering is an enterprise-ready data analysis platform as a service (PaaS) based on software from both companies, the investment received from GE is supposed to be part of a plan to use Pivotal’s technologies as part of its own set of analysis services to industry.

Pivotal is putting its trust on open source technologies as it is also based upon the Cloud Foundry open source Platform-as-a-Service, as well as Spring, an application development framework for Java. Pivotal is aiming to offer more scalability, automation, and resiliency on an application fabric which would enable rapid app development as well as providing support for database services and analytics.

GE Joins EMC and VMware in a Joint Venture planning to challange big names in the cloud market, furthermore GE announced that is going to use its 10 percent stake in the nascent Pivotal Initiative to bolster its industrial internet push.