Release: Splunk App 5.0 for Windows

Californian Splunk, a well known player in the big data field introduced today April 8, version 5.0 of  its Splunk App for Windows.

The Splunk App monitors Microsoft Windows Server allowing users to check their end-to-end infrastructure to prevent outages and pinpoint performance issues in minutes. The Splunk App for Windows allows users to get more machine-generated data from more sources into a single platform, among the highlights of the product.

This update to the Splunk App for Windows, as well as the recent update to the Splunk App for VMware, are demonstrating the consolidation of a platform that allows corporates to analyze data from their strategic IT investments.

Version 5.0 introduces the following new features:

  • New and improved dashboards designed for large scale enterprise distributed environments across multiple hosts
  • New customizable performance dashboards views to enable reporting by any counter that is being collected
  • New interactive in dashboard views enabling advanced filtering capabilities including wildcarding on host names.
  • App interoperability with non-Windows search head
  • Support for the Windows Technology-Addon (TA)
  • Simplified navigation and menus

Manish Kalra, director of product marketing, Splunk, said:

IT organizations around the world rely on Microsoft Windows Server as the base of their business infrastructure, the Splunk App for Windows helps to create visibility across the entire Windows infrastructure, monitoring everything from Windows Servers to the thousands of Windows-based laptops and PCs. This can help keep critical systems online by enabling users to identify performance issues in real time or before they happen.