Paper: Performance and Capacity Themes for Cloud Computing

IBM has released a paper titled: “Performance and Capacity Themes for Cloud Computing“. The paper which contains 76 pages addresses the performance and capacity considerations of the evolving cloud computing model. The paper gives an overview of the lessons learned after IBM published an earlier paper titled “Performance Implications of Cloud Computing“.

This paper offers practical guidance about how to select workloads that work best with cloud computing, and about how to address areas, such as performance testing, monitoring, service level agreements, and capacity planning considerations for both single and multi-tenancy environments.


The paper contains the following sections:

  • Introduction to cloud computing
  • Cloud computing workloads
  • Performance testing for cloud computing
  • Monitoring for best practices in cloud computing
  • Capacity planning for cloud computing
  • Conclusion

In this IBM Redpaper, we discussed how contemporary approaches to testing, monitoring, and capacity management of cloud solutions are starting to address these concerns. For example, yesterday’s performance testing was typically concerned solely with the responsiveness and utilization of a single application at a time. In today’s cloud environments, we must also ensure that the cloud management solution components perform well, and that the overall solution exhibits sufficient elasticity to manage multiapplication (and sometimes multi-tenant) workloads. This places new demands not only on how we do performance testing, but also on how we monitor performance and manage capacity as well. Who takes on these responsibilities depends largely on whether a public, hybrid, or private cloud solution is chosen