Amazon releases beta of application managemenent solution called OpsWorks

Amazon last year acquired Peritor which provided an application control and automation solution called Scalarium. Today Amazon announced the rebranded solution called OpsWorks available in beta. OpsWorks is an application management solution for the complete lifecycle of complex applications, including resource provisioning, configuration management, deployment, monitoring, and access control. With a few clicks in the AWS Management Console, AWS OpsWorks enables developers to orchestrate all tasks required to model, deploy, scale, and maintain their applications

OpsWorks allows you to use Chef Recipes to make system-level configuration changes and to install tools, utilities, libraries, and application code on the EC2 instance within your application. By making use of the AWS OpsWorks event model, you can activate the recipes of your choice at critical points in the lifecycle of your application. AWS OpsWorks has the power to install code from a wide variety of source code repositories, as detailed in a lengthy blogpost on the Amazon website. You can also find more info on OpsWorks in a blogpost by Werner Vogel, CTO of Amazon.