The Pivotal Initiative by EMC and VMware

EMC and VMware on December 4, announced the merge of their cloud application and big data offerings into a single virtual organization called the Pivotal Initiative.

Paul Maritz, former VMware CEO and now chief strategy officer in EMC, will run the Pivotal Initiative, the resources will be formally united by Q2 2013.
A lot has been said about this merging project of the two big companies, some says that this change will be the opportunity for VMware to focus on virtualization, trying to differentiate the market again now that Microsoft is gaining ground on the PMI virtualizations.
Others, like Gigaom, are saying that the spinoff is going to bring EMC more credibility in the big data and cloud space world.
What is certain is that the merging will give the opportunities to both companies to focus on creating a solid virtualizated datacenter stack, from compute to storage and network and the Pivotal Initiative is a way for VMware to clear up competence for 2013.