Citrix announces availability of Citrix NetScaler and CloudBridge AMIs on Amazon EC2

During the annual Amazon event AWS RE: Invent, Citrix announced that a Citrix NetScaler Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and a CloudBridge AMI are now available in the AWS Marketplace which can run on Amazons Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) platform.

The AMI for NetScaler uses the same binary as the VPX virtual appliance and MPX and SDX appliances. It supports Layer 4 to 7 technology like load balancing, content switching, global server load balancing, SSL VPN and application firewall. Before this AMI was available most of these technologies had to be implemented in different AMIs providing the necessary functionality. CloudBridge is capable of setting up a WAN-optimized, secure tunnel between EC2 and the on-premise datacenter.