Release: Rackspace Cloud Block Storage, powered by OpenStack

On October 23, Rackspace announced the launch of High Performance Cloud Block Storage Products, powered by Openstack.

IT hosting and cloud computing company based in San Antonio, Texas, USA, is delivering a solution that is going to provide a better approach to attached storage in the Cloud by addressing customer demand for consistent and affordable performance for file systems, databases and other input/output (I/O) intensive applications, and according to their press release delivering high performance 5x to 6x faster than competing solutions.

The Rackspace Cloud Block Storage, solution available for Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack includes the following features:

A Full-Featured Attachable Storage Solution

  • Attach multiple volumes of up to 1 Terabyte each of block storage to Cloud Servers
  • Detach and re-attach storage between compute nodes in seconds
  • Choice of Standard Performance or SSD-based High-Performance storage

Enhanced Performance

  • SSD-based solution is more than 10 times faster than Standard drive performance[1].
  • Rackspace’s Cloud Block Storage Standard drive delivers consistent performance with less variability than standard drive solutions offered by leading competitors[1].
  • High performance can be achieved without the need to RAID0 (stripe) volumes together, providing significant savings in cost and complexity.
  • There is no cap on I/O and users do not have to specify IOPS numbers, as they do with competing solutions.

John Engates, CTO of Rackspace, affirms:

The Rackspace Cloud Block Storage solution is a crucial piece of our product portfolio, the explosion of data over the past few years has placed greater demands on our customers, presenting them with a variety of new storage related challenges. We developed Cloud Block Storage to deliver consistent performance in the cloud, with a very simple pricing model that gives customers the flexibility they require to meet their unique business needs.