Amazon EC2’s new competitor: ProfitBricks

The Iaas company ProfitBricks is one of the main companies stepping on Amazon EC2‘s toes on the cloud computing service market.

ProfitBricks, a privately held company, founded on 2010, provides infrastructure as a service (IaaS) with a focus on the B2B market. On September 10, ProfitBrick launched First Virtual Data Center, offering reduced cost virtual data centers based on virtualization technology, the solution allows its customers to configure servers, storages, load balancers and firewalls through a browser based graphical user interface.
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service designed to provide IT developers scalable cloud computing resources.
Comparing the two solutions:
A ProfitBricks virtual machine can have up to 48 CPU cores, up to 196GB in RAM, and storage of up to 256TB, while Amazon is offering at a fixed price a pre defined configuration with a specific amount of CPU power, memory and storage.
While Amazon charges per hour, ProfitBricks charges per minute, also in comparing the prices of the two solutions ProfitBricks offers the lower price.
Achim Weiss  ProfitBricks’ Chief Executive Officer, declares:
We deconstructed cloud infrastructure down to its most basic elements and discovered there was a far better way to deliver the service, We ended up reinventing the architecture, which allows us to offer substantially better performance and a new level of flexibility in cloud infrastructure. Our platform allows ProfitBricks to offer unprecedented services at prices others cannot touch because of legacy design and built-in costs.