Nimbula introduced its elastic Hadoop solution with MapR Technologies

Nimbula, the software company founded by two of the leaders of Amazon EC2, that develops cloud orchestration software for public and private cloud computing environments announced on August 7 to be teaming with MapR, providers of Apache Hadoop-derived software to create the Industry’s First Turnkey Hadoop Solution for the Private Cloud.

The joint venture created a solution that will allow customers get their Hadoop cluster running rapidly on a Nimbula Director-based cloud. The result of the collaboration will include templates, recipes and verification tests for running Hadoop on Nimbula Director, a tool assisting the creation of Private, Public and Hybrid cloud solutions.
The elasticity and multi-tenancy of Nimbula Director complement the dependability and security of the MapR Hadoop Distribution, allowing clusters to grow, to be isolated one from another and to descrease over time, among the advantages of this new solutions we can found:
  • Rapid provisioning: Deploying Hadoop clusters in under 2 minutes
  • Self-service Hadoop: Launching their own Hadoop clusters on a private cloud without needing to requisition hardware
  • Highly available Hadoop: Operating their Hadoop clusters in a lights-out data center with automated re-provisioning of failed nodes and a no-NameNode architecture
  • Multi-tenant Hadoop: Sharing infrastructure between Hadoop clusters with complete permissions, network and resource isolation
  • Multi-purpose infrastructure: Sharing infrastructure between Hadoop and non-Hadoop workloads
The main use cases for elastic Hadoop include:
  • Development and testing of Hadoop based solutions
  • Multi-tenant Hadoop and resource sharing
  • Running Hadoop and non-Hadoop workloads on the same pool of hardware for solutions such as “follow the moon computing”.
Jack Norris, vice president of marketing at MapR affirms about the collaboration:
MapR is always looking to bring its leading Hadoop technology to more environments to serve more customers and use cases, With the Nimbula elastic Hadoop solution, MapR has a streamlined and simplified way to deliver Hadoop onto private clouds. Nimbula’s private cloud, with its focus on security, multi-tenancy and high availability, made it a perfect target for MapR Hadoop deploymen