Seven OpenStack developers leave Rackspace for Nebula

Yesterday GigaOm, reported that seven OpenStack developers have left Rackspace to work for Nebula.

The news, late confirmed by Chris C. Kemp, Founder & CEO at Nebula, Inc. and Co-Founder at OpenStack, state that most of the developers leaving came to Rackspace via its acquisition of Anso Labs in February 2011.

Both Rackspace and Nebula are part of the OpenStack project launched two years ago by Rackspace and NASA, when Chris C. Kemp was CTO of NASA.

The OpenStack collaboration was meant to build an open-source alternative to Amazon and VMware for their cloud computing and virtualization dominance.

Rackspace launched its OpenStack-based public cloud in May and their projects for the next few months include several OpenStack implementations coming online — from Internap, Hewlett-Packard and others.

Chris C. Kemp  welcomes on his twitter account ‏the developers who will keep on working at OpenStack project for Nebula.

The former NASA CTO also declares:

We have seven people joining us, most from that Anso group and most of which I worked with at NASA, so we’re getting them back together.