Duncan Epping, vCloud Architect at VMware, presents CloudPhysics

Update: A typo in the post title: Duncan Epping still holds its position at VMware.

CloudPhysics was founded on November 2011 by the former Product Manager for VMware’s John Blumenthal and Irfan Ahmad, former technical lead and co-inventor for two of VMware’s flagship features: Storage DRS and Storage I/O Control.

The company was presented for the first time publicly only yesterday, July 19th, at the New England VMUG.

As Irfan affirms on his Linkedin’s perfile:

CloudPhysics, a stealth-startup that will change the world. It is currently composed of smart people who have these things in common: the audacity and the capability to turn conventional wisdom on its head and to rethink the world of systems research.

CloudPhysics is focusing on centralized data, analytics and modeling data.

Duncan Epping, the  technical advisor, declared:

CloudPhysics is constructing an analytics platform for vSphere for the application of collective intelligence to individual, local vSphere environments and users.  At the same time the platform is intended to service the needs of consulting companies, customers and the blogging community by providing APIs to enable unique exploration and discovery within the dynamic, changing dataset CloudPhysics continuously generates. Access to this dataset enables them to transform qualitative discussions into quantitative views of vSphere design and operation. CloudPhysics is not seeking to build a community; rather, it exists to empower the engineer and architect in all of us, particularly the commentators and critics essential to the industry.

CloudPhysics product will come as a virtual appliance and aims to be the customized solution and guidance for managing environments, enabling the comparison and exploration of performance results. The data gathered will go up to the cloud and all of the analysis will happen outside of the environment of the company, with the garantee of various negrees of anonymity.